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Lash Extension Consultation

A lash consultation is for those who may be new to extensions, are new to Native Aesthetics and wish to have a more in-depth discussion. You can discuss style, shape, and dimension that is best suited for your eye shape, natural lash health and even the occasion for which you might be seeking to have extensions applied. There are an array of different types of extensions and curls to choose from which can also be talked through. A typical consultation will take between 15-30 minutes and can be done in person or via zoom/Face Time. A picture can be brought to your consult for reference but please keep in mind that your eyes are one of a kind ;-)

Classic Lash Extensions

One lash extension is applied to each individual natural lash, giving the appearance of thicker longer lashes.  A Classic set is great for those new to extensions.

Volume Lash Extensions

Add length and volume to your natural lashes when 2 or more extensions are applied to each natural lash. Your lash technician will go through a consultation to determine what kind of look and the appropriate dimension is best for you and your natural lash health. 

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid is a mix of volume and classic lashes. This ratio can be customizable depending on the look you would like to achieve. 

Lash Lift

Lashes will look curled and more lifted for up to 8 weeks with this semi-permanent perming service, lash tint is included. Great for those who want a more natural mascara look with less maintenance. 

Lash Tint

A tint of choice is applied for a darker more defined look and can be a stand-alone service or added on to most services.

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