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Classic Facial
A great starter treatment to relax and great for all skin types. Facial treatments include double cleanse, steam (may be excluded), exfoliation, extractions*, facial massage* mask and closing products.

Custom Facials

Hydrating- The exfoliation will be customized to your skin along with a deep hydrating mask at the end. 

Forever Young- This treatment is loaded from start to finish! Beginning with deep exfoliating enzymes, an anti-aging facial massage and loaded with antioxidants and peptides to finish this treatment.

Sensitive Skin- Rosacea, sensitive skin, sensitized skin, psoriasis and other skin conditions rest assured you will get the care your skin needs with calming ingredients to give you an effective yet soothing treatment. 

Clarifying- Your skin will be treated with active clarifying ingredients, extra time for extractions, clarifying masks and added modalities to improve skins texture and over-all health. No massage. 

*Not all facials include a facial massage and/or extractions. 

Back Facial

Addresses issues such as acne, uneven texture, dehydration and pigmentation. Each back facial is given a deep exfoliation with steam to activate the pores. Extractions will be done if needed followed with a hydrating or clarifying mask and the appropriate closing products. 


Peels can reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and helps with cellular turnover aiding in texture issues and giving the skin a renewed and glowing look. Ask which peel is best for you during your consultation!  


Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive skin treatment using a specialized blade to shave dead skin cells and the fine "peach fuzz" hair, leaving skin looking smooth and bright. This treatment helps with fine lines, acne scars and lends to a smooth make-up application. 

Facial treatment
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